Strategic Sourcing (Recruitment)

Imagine A Team As Keen To See Your Business Succeed As You Are…


What is Strategic Sourcing?

A holistic business-centric approach which validates your organisational needs, defining what ‘Success Looks Like’, and ensuring your strategy, culture, and organisational priorities drive the recruitment and selection of the right people, now and into the future.

Strategic Sourcing not only drives the identification of the right people for your business, it also helps to:

  • Measure performance after commencement
  • Identify critical components of key roles required to support strategies
  • Enhances performance improvement & training processes
  • Supports performance management by providing clear expectations
  • Gives team members a clear path forward in their own development
  • Removes the guess work by aligning directly to organisational needs

By taking a strategic approach to sourcing, recruitment processes can be optimised to ensure:

  • The right person
  • With the right skills and motivations
  • Is hired into the right role
  • Doing the right things
  • At the right time, and
  • For the right reasons

We call this approach the ‘The Performance Multiplier‘.

And the benefits go much deeper than simply addressing your immediate recruitment needs…



It’s time to build the best, most aligned team to take your business forward, and you want to get it right – the first time.


The role you need to fill doesn’t exist yet, and you need help articulating the skill set required, or support for a strategically aligned process


You want to ensure there is a clear connection between ‘recruitment’ and ‘results’ for your business


You want alignment between your team, your strategic objectives and the way in which work gets done


You need a workplace performance specialist to guide your HR team through the Strategic Sourcing process, so they can take it from there


You need a professional service (delivered by senior business people) that take the time to understand your commercial, operational and strategic needs – then find the right people for you


There Are Two Sides To Every Coin!

Strategic Selection focuses on the ‘WHATS’ and the ‘HOWS’ (both sides of the coin) necessary for success in any position, while also meeting business needs now and into the future. 

By looking all each of the critical components of your business, we work with you to create a unique picture of ‘What Success Looks Like’ for you – then we build the recruitment (& other processes) around that.  Reducing wasted time, effort and money, and providing long-term benefits to your team, business, and overall performance. 


How does Strategic Sourcing vary from the ‘Traditional’ Recruitment Process most businesses use?


  1. You create a new position / a new vacancy appears after a resignation 
  2. An advert is created from the Position Description (PD) and released to the market
  3. Your HR team (or external recruiter) prepares a short-list is based on candidate match to the PD
  4. Interview questions are based on the PD, or specific requests of the interview panel
  5. Compatibility is determined by interview panel ‘perception’, rather than business drivers
  6. ‘Skills and experience’ drives decision-making 
  7. Your new hire needs more time to get up to speed

What’s Missing?

Traditional Selection focuses mainly on the ‘WHATS’ (one side of the coin) relating to skills and experience relevant to the role – this is very much in the now, and does not take into account the evolution or future needs of the business. 

When recruitment takes a traditional ‘transactional’ approach, it fails to align to the most important factors influencing the success (or otherwise) of your business, including:

  • Strategic Fit
  • Cultural Fit
  • Person Fit (to the role)
  • Behavioural Expectations
  • Future Suitability

Strategic sourcing rectifies these gaps by taking a holistic, future-focused approach to ensuring every part of your business is supported by the people that come into it.




  • Ensures only the right candidates make the short-list
  • Provides new hires with clarity so they can hit the ground running
  • Builds internal capability, and cultural & strategic alignment
  • Enhances and leverages existing processes
  • Comprehensive, detailed, and data driven decision-making
  • Legally defensible should a candidate object to your process
  • You own all the data, and can use it to measure trends, performance & more
  • Significantly reduces the risk and costs associated with a poor hire
  • Legally defensible should a candidate challenge your process


As with all of our services, we are happy to provide a guide pack to help your team manage the process themselves (to build internal capability), or to provide a full-service package that drives everything from strategic sourcing design, through to final selection, and everything in between!


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