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Often we encounter organisations and/or projects in need of ‘external CPR’ due to poor planning, ineffective or absent communication, poor change management and quality controls,  mis-alignment to strategy, or poor understanding of the scope.

Professional and careful Project & Change Management processes, practices, leadership and knowledge is critical to the success of any project, or internal change management initiative.










You know there must be a better way to manage your projects (& change initiatives) than enduring sleepless nights, constant workload, and a team that are no longer engaged


You know you need some support before your projects go pear-shaped, over-budget, or miss their deadlines


You want your projects (both internal and external) to support your positive reputation, rather than detract from it


Your business is tied up in projects and initiatives that don’t align to your strategic objectives


Scope creep within your projects is costing you time – and money


Your team are engaged in projects with minimum business value, while higher valued opportunities are forfeited

Your team don’t understand project priorities, resources are not optimised, and and no one it taking responsibility

 We believe all successful projects & change processes have 3 key ingredients:

  1. A skilled and engaged team
  2. Great communication (providing the ‘Why’) and clear accountabilities, and
  3. A suite of policies and procedures that are optimised and customised to your business.

Our Mission is to provide project and change management solutions that help organisations achieve higher levels of efficiency and, as a result, higher profit margins.  In short, we’ll work with you & your team to assess your business’s current reality, resolve any gaps or inefficiencies, establish clear protocols, and create an engaged team that delivers successful projects and change initiatives.

We achieve this by providing the following services:

1. Assessing the Current Reality of the Business in terms of:

  • the team leaders’ and project managers’ skillset in project & change management
  • the team’s understanding of and commitment to following procedures
  • the team’s level of engagement in the success of the project, initiative and business, and
  • the alignment of the policies and procedures with the way the business wishes to operate

2. Strategic Advisory Services
are then provided to help identify the next step of the journey, such as:

  • Analysis and prioritisation of the gaps identified within the ‘current reality’ assessment
  • Confirming which existing procedures need to be amended and optimised to suit the business’ needs
  • Creation of a clear Roadmap and implementation plan to take the business forward
  • Establishment of a clear measurement, reporting and accountability systems
  • Review of existing project & change management stage-gate parameters, or creation of new

3. Documentation Support can be provided at any level, including:

  • Development of new policies, processes, and procedures
  • Review of existing documentation to align to project management standards (AS/ISO 21500)
  • Drafting of project plans, change management frameworks, risk registers, and approval processes
  • Developing project & change team communications to employees
  • Developing stakeholder management plans

4. Custom-Made Training Programs & Workshop Facilitation is available to help fast-track your team’s project & change management journey.

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Change Management Fundamentals
  • Advanced Project & Change Management Essentials
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Risk Workshops
  • Leadership Development
  • Project, Strategic & Cultural Alignment
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability
  • High-Performance Teams

5. Coaching and Sound Boarding services for individual project & change managers or clients wanting initial implementation support, ensuring they stay on track, or just simply want to discuss their new ideas and plans with an external specialist before tabling their suggestions to others, are also provided.


A clearly defined project & change management system that will:

  • Improve the profitability of your client-focused projects
  • Deliver effective change management programs within your business
  • Maintain and grow your positive reputation in the industry
  • Establish a more skilled and engaged team, committed to your business
  • Reduce stress and inefficiencies at all levels, while growing your business
  • Establish more efficient project & change management processes
  • Deliver more projects, necessary change processes, and better outcomes
  • Minimise project & change management risk (avoiding failure), and
  • Avoid the opportunity cost of working on ‘the wrong’ projects, or attempting to mitigate the fallout from poorly implemented change programs.


Everything we do empowers project managers, team leaders and their teams to work together and thrive.  Our approach enhances the individual’s thinking, optimises procedures, and improves your business culture.  What we do results in the transformation of individuals, teams and hence the organisation.

“Since 2016 we have relied on Moein to provide sound recommendations and advice in relation to our procedures, business strategies, and project delivery. He has facilitated strategic meetings globally, and continues to help us improve our project profitability and change management practices. He is very proactive, systematic and thorough, and can always be relied on to provide measured and sound recommendations.”

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