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Every year millions of businesses get to the end of their work cycle, pat themselves on the back for their achievements (or commiserate their failures), then move on to the next set big thing…

While in itself this isn’t a problem, there are clear opportunities that are not being captured. 

Let’s consider the following two statements for a moment:

‘Failure to Execute’ is one of the most common failures of CEO’s world-wide’.

‘Poor Strategic Management’ is one of the top-5 causes of business failure’.

So, what does this mean? In short, if you are not actively reviewing your performance against the objectives within your strategic plan each year, you are missing out on valuable information that could help you to establish an ever better process in subsequent years.

How does that relate to organisational reviews you might ask?  One of the reasons so many CEO’s fail to execute properly is that they consider their strategic plan in isolation.  

People deliver your Strategic Plan, so if your organisational chart is not aligned, or your people do not have a clear picture of where your business is going, how they fit into it, what is expected of them, and how they will be measured – it will operate like a rudderless ship.

Heading in ‘a direction’, but not necessarily the right one!

Actively reviewing both your strategic plan – AND your organisational structure to ensure it continues to be positioned to facilitate your business objectives is a critical step to maintaining a healthy business.



You would like external support to review your Strategic Plan


Your teams’ performance against last year’s Strategic Plan did not meet your expectations


You need to future proof your business by aligning your organisational structure to your strategy


The external environment is changing rapidly, and your Strategic Plan needs to be adjusted accordingly


There is duplication or a lack of clarity about who does what – and why


You have taken on a new business and want to verify the type, number and level of positions required to achieve your Strategic Plan


The number and type of positions in your business has grown over the years, now you’re not sure if they are aligned to your needs or not.


You need help reviewing progress to date, and establishing clear accountabilities and actions to drive success for the remainder of the year



  • Strategic Review – A holistic look at your planning processes, strategic performance, and strategic execution practices to ensure your goals remain fit for purpose, you have a clear picture of progress at any point in time, and you can deliver on your objectives.
  • Organisational Review – An interactive process that turns information into organisational intelligence, future-proofing your business, ensuring alignment between your structure to your strategy, and optimising your workforce.
  • Customised Recommendations – We work with you to develop an Action Plan that will achieve your objectives, including support to develop or improve structural and cultural alignment, communication, systems, training and more.
  • Implementation Support – Want flexibility in how you take your strategic or organisational structure plan forward? We have a range of options available to help every team and business keep the momentum and achieve their goals, including:
  • Clear roadmaps to support self-implementation
  • Regular or ad-hoc phone support
  • Individual or team-based implementation coaching
  • Group training to address specific capability needs or action items
  • Access to cost-effective and proven strategic development, performance monitoring, and accountability tools and systems
  • Support to develop communication, people and/or marketing plans
  • Monthly facilitated sessions to help maintain focus on what matters most, ensure teams are held accountable, and performance standards can be improved and recognised


Strategic Review


  • Examines each part of your strategic plan to identify what was achieved, and what was not 
  • Supports a continual improvement mindset that accurately captures ‘Lesson’s Learnt’
  • Identifies strengths and leading practices that can be replicated or expanded
  • Pinpoints opportunities for improvement and identifies the root cause of challenges
  • Ensures outstanding objectives from previous strategic plans are assessed and included within the new plan (where appropriate)
  • Provides a clear picture of where you are now, the specific factors creating the gap from where you need/want to be, and how your team can achieve those goals
  • Establishes clear accountabilities, with a structured approach to the management of progress
Organisational Review
  • Provides a clear picture of the level of alignment within your business, current gaps in capability, and risks to the achievement of your strategic objectives
  • Ensures your organisational structure is set up to support your strategy by ensuring the right people, are in the right place, doing the right jobs, at the right time
  • Aligns your people, practices, and systems to enable your business to grow
  • Pinpoints unnecessary duplication, surplus roles, and inefficiencies
  • Informs change, process optimisation, and team development
  • Builds Team involvement and engagement, to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction
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