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Setting up a new business to achieve your vision can be daunting. Where do you start, what do you need to do now, what can be left until later? The list can be endless. 

For those running an established business, Strategic Planning can be one of those things you know is important, but rarely get time to focus on.  So what happens if you don’t focus on it?  Nothing!  You keep doing what you’ve always done, and your team keep doing what they think you want… Not necessarily what you ‘NEED’ them to do.

Q: So how do you navigate the complexities of industry, get past the day-to-day demands, and still find time to grow your business? 

A: You start by establishing a clear Strategic Plan.

While many clients come to us with ‘a’ strategy (of sorts), they are often frustrated by its’ failure to achieve their goals.  This happens for one of three (3) main reasons:

  • The strategy selected was the wrong one for the business
  • The strategy selected was not effectively implemented
  • The strategy was written (then promptly filed &/or forgotten)

The right strategy will ensure your goals can be achieved by optimising the performance of your business.  It is a living-breathing document that drives the actions of the entire team – every day. 

In short, the right Strategic Plan will ensure:

The right actions are taken,

At the right time,

By the right people – and,

For the right reasons.












You want to set your business up for success, but you’re not sure how to put your vision / mission / strategy into a plan your team can relate to


You excel in some areas, but need to improve in others and want a clear plan to make this happen


Your business has outgrown itself; things are getting crazy


Your competitors are growing, but your business isn’t…


You’ve recently taken over a business and need to turn it around quickly


You’ve spent a lot of time developing your strategy, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency in the results the team are getting


You have a great team, but sales are low and you would like to help them achieve more by bringing them into the strategic planning process


You’ve got a few new areas within your business, and want to set up anew strategic plan to take into account the benefit those areas can bring


You’ve inherited a team that works like a rudderless ship – and want to develop them into an aligned and strategically focused team


You’ve heard good things about the type of results that can be achieved through strategic planning and want to learn more about it


You have mastered strategic planning for years, but now you need to set up an effective succession plan to prepare your business, and yourself for your retirement


Few Plan to Fail… But Many Fail to Plan…

  • Strategic Planning – A facilitated process to help you develop a clear strategy for where your want your business to go, and clarification of the steps required to get there (including the structure, systems, processes and practices needed to succeed).
  • Growth Planning – Start-up or more established business, we help you create multiple options, capture opportunities, and develop long-term value in your business.
  • Recovery Planning – Sometimes the world of business can turn in unexpected ways. To recover after a setback, we can help you to develop new strategies to not only get back on track, but to proser in the face of adversity.
  • Exit & Succession Planning – At some stage, every business owner will move on (sometimes by choice, and others not so).  Maximise your returns and minimise your risk by being prepared early.
  • Risk Management – Waiting for things to go wrong before addressing them can have a catastrophic effect.  By understanding the level and type of risks to your business, you can mitigate the priorities before they create a negative drain on your business.
  • Needs Analysis – A big-picture look at your business to evaluate the factors impacting it, current performance, realignment of priorities, accountability management, and impact of key players.
  • Customised Recommendations – A workable action plan to help you achieve your strategic objectives, including internal and external risk, communication strategies, systems, training, and more.
  • External Sounding Board – Need a trusted partner to confidentially bounce business or strategic ideas around with?

  • Choice of Implementation Support – A clear roadmap to help you bring your Strategic Plan to life, from whatever level you would like to start from:
  • Implement your Strategic Plan yourself
  • Support or train your team to achieve the plan
  • Access to proven strategy building / performance monitoring tools and software
  • Monthly facilitation, coaching and/or support to ensure the whole team remains focused, accountable, and achieves your strategic objectives.
  • Reduced stress, inefficiencies, and frustration
  • A simple process that clearly defines where your business is positioned now, where you want it to go, and how you can take it there
  • A detailed Strategic Plan for you to start working from straight away
  • A proven framework to help you build an engaged, aligned, and successful team capable of delivering your strategic goals
  • Enables leaders to make informed decisions about priorities and investments
  • Clear reporting and real-time data to support effective decision-making, monitoring of progress, and removal of ‘surprises’
  • Growth of your business via the achievement of your strategic goals
  • A facilitated process to help you every step of the way

It doesn’t matter if you only need assistance to help clarify the future direction of your business, prefer to be held to account and called out on your own excuses, or would like some impartial assistance to help see the forest for the trees… We are here to help you (& your team) to achieve your goals in the way, and at a pace, that suits you.


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