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Helping Your Team Understand
‘What SUCCESS Looks Like’… 

You have a clear picture of where you want the business to be, yet not everyone in the team seems to be on-board.  Performance is hit-and-miss, some team members seem to ‘get it’ whereas others don’t, and you are sick of replacing people that just don’t work out.

The problem is, we often assume everyone knows ‘What Success Looks Like’.  Without a clear picture of that at all levels of the business, goal posts develop wheels, performance becomes subjective, behavioural concerns arise, and ambiguity creates dysfunction.

Clear strategies, expectations, responsibilities, timelines, communication strategies, and priorities must be established (and successfully implemented) for a team to move as one. 

Systems must be capable of supporting interdependencies, accountability, the achievement of objectives, and provide an early warning system to enable roadblocks to be removed before they become critical. 

With the right approach, it is possible to have an accountable, high-performance team that wants to see your business grow, just as much as you do.

Imagine that…  It’s not as difficult as you might think.


You want clear data on how your plans are progressing, early warning of any issues, and an accurate picture of each team members performance


Some of your key business strategies are being implemented, others are not – and it is hurting your bottom line


Your team don’t seem to be doing the right things, at the right time, or there is duplication and a lack of clarity about who should be doing what


Some team members seem to be working harder than others, and you want to establish a way to level the playing field


You would like to exit an employee but don’t have the data to back it up, or are concerned about the possible repurcussions


There is conflict or confusion within the team about the direction the business is going, and/or where they fit into it all 


You seem to be recruiting (too often) and want a way to stabilise the team, while making better use of your training dollars

  • I mproved Performance – A simplified approach to strategic execution that clearly cascades each component of your plan down into bite-sized pieces that your team can understand, manage, and achieve. All backed-up by effective systems and reporting.
  • Improved Accountability – Establishing real-time reporting systems that keep you on top of what is happening, providing a clear picture of how each individual and team is performing against clear, prioritised, and time-based actions. All aligned to your values, behavioural expectations, and policy framework.
  • Strategic & Cultural Alignment –Ensuring your people and your vision, mission, strategy, and values are all in tune – that is, you have the right people, with the right skills and motivations, in the right jobs, doing the right things, at the right time – for the right reasons.
  • Defining Success – Creating a clear picture of what success looks like, ensuring all team members know what is expected of them, how they will be measured, and what they are accountable for. This also guides improvements to existing policies and procedures (i.e. recruitment, performance management & review, training, termination etc.)
  • Organisational Alignment –Supporting the establishment of a clear picture of what skills and capabilities your business needs both now and into the future.  Identifying gaps and overlaps, guiding communication strategies, and helping to develop achievable action plans to address any issues.
  • Cloud-Based Software – Access to a range of tools to ensure your team have access to a reliable platform to work from, and you have real-time visibility of performance, potential project delivery issues, and opportunities within your business.
  • Customised Recommendations – We work with you to develop an approach that will remove stress, build internal capability, and achieve your goals. Quickly.
  • Implementation Support  Want flexibility in how you take your plan forward? We have a range of options to support every team and business, including:
  • Clear roadmaps to support self-implementation
  • Regular or ad-hoc phone support
  • Individual or team-based performance coaching
  • Group training to address specific needs, projects, or actions
  • Access to cost-effective and proven financial, project, accountability, people, and performance monitoring systems
  • Support to develop organisational, cultural, strategic and/or project specific action plans
  • Monthly facilitated sessions to help maintain focus on what matters most, drive accountability, and lift performance standards across the board
  • Successful execution of your business strategy and operational priorities
  • Improved accountability, responsibility, and performance across your team
  • Improved monitoring and early-notification of issues impacting your business
  • Clear performance and behavioural standards across your team
  • Aligns your people, practices, and systems to enable your business to grow
  • Supports performance management, recruitment, termination, and legislative requirements
  • Clear reporting and real-time data to support effective decision-making
  • A more profitable, high performance, and aligned business
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