Strategic & Cultural Alignment

Imagine A Team As Keen To See Your Business Succeed As You Are…

Perhaps you have a crystal clear vision in your head of where you want your business to go, and you have the team you need to take you there. Perhaps you have people with the right skills and experience, but they don’t seem to ‘fit’ your business, or their role. Maybe there is a part of the picture you are missing?

That missing piece is ‘Alignment’.

 Mis-alignment happens for a range of reasons.

Maybe there is a lack of understanding of ‘Why we are here?’, a mis-match of belief systems, a senior executive has a pet-project, or there is a disconnect between those who draft the strategy and those that implement it?  In other cases it might be that limiting subcultures have formed, employees don’t feel they have the skills to deliver what is required of them, ‘stretch’ has become a dirty word, or that fabulous continuous improvement mindset has resulted in initiatives getting up that don’t meet the end goal? 

Whatever the reason, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself…

‘How many activities in your business are holding you back from achieving your strategic objectives‘? 


















You have a clear vision / mission / strategy but haven’t been able to translate that into action

The team are great at achieving some things, but seem to miss the mark on others
You have been tasked with turning around an under-performing team or setting up a new one
There are silos or behaviours present within your team that bring the rest of the business down
You seem to be advertising all the time, but people just keep coming & going
You have just gone through a merger / acquisition and need to align the businesses

Your leaders seem to be getting pulled into the weeds all the time, rather than working on key focus areas

The Importance of Strategic & Cultural Alignment  

In our travels assisting businesses of all sizes, we have found that up to 40% of activities undertaken by employees across a myriad of different functions DO NOT have a clear alignment to the strategy of the business.  Add to that the negative impact of allowing cultural alignment to go unchecked, and the cost of organisational misalignment starts to become far larger than most think, particularly considering:

  • The capital invested into teams or projects that aren’t actually helping drive strategic execution
  • The overhead cost of wages for those involved in a multitude of mis-aligned activities
  • The time and effort wasted by people who ‘thought’ they were doing the right thing
  • The reduction in morale, retention, and engagement that comes from not having clear direction
  • The de-prioritisation of key initiatives – that no one knows are key!
  • Key resources constantly being tied up in low-value / non-strategic activities
  • Decisions being made on the basis of short-term information, rather than clear, long-term strategic objectives
  • Negative impacts to your brand and/or competitive advantage
  • The pain of NOT achieving your strategic goals, year after year…

And perhaps the most important of them all…The MASSIVE opportunity cost of NOT working on the right things, at the right time! 

‘Alignment’ means…
‘Your employees and senior leaders are on the same page regarding your purpose, core values, and strategic objectives – and how they can & should contribute to them’.

Alchemy 2.0 Founder


We can help establish a clear understanding of your vision, mission and strategy, clarify the ‘Why?’, define roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and your behavioural and performance expectations – helping your team to deliver your key strategic objectives faster. 


  • Communicating your vision, mission & company values
  • Aligning your Leadership Team & gaining buy-in from employees
  • Clarifying where each team member fits in, and why their role is important
  • Optimising your efforts, capital investment, and resources
  • Ensuring everyone is working on the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons
  • Establishing clear expectations and accountability processes
  • Prioritising effectively (Staying ‘Above the Line’)


A culturally aligned team is paramount to achieving your vision, retaining employees, and having more loyal customers.  As Richard Branson often says, “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your customers!”.  Establishing alignment is easier than it sounds, with plenty of simple methods available to help you attract, develop, and keep the right people – mitigating risk, building capability, and positively contributing to your bottom line.

  • Establishing clear Company Values / Code of Conduct
  • Clarifying ‘What Good Looks Like’
  • Employee engagement and cultural alignment surveys
  • Establishing aligned & effective HR processes
  • Reviewing existing business frameworks and practices
  • Strategic recruitment (sourcing for alignment)

Cultural alignment is also a key component of the success or otherwise of any strategic alignment efforts…  Even if your team completely understand every part of your strategy, you won’t be able to achieve it with ‘square pegs in round holes’.

Getting both sides of the coin right is a driving factor of competitive advantage.




Establishing ‘Alignment’ enables your business to:

  • Translate strategy into action, empowering your team to deliver
  • Establishes a clear link between strategy, planning, communication, operations, and execution processes
  • Enhances the internal and external reputation of the business
  • Ensures the ‘right’ people are attracted to / hired into your business
  • Aligns employee and business values, driving better customer service
  • A more engaged, happy, and loyal workforce = reduced stress, absenteeism, costs, and turnover
  • Higher business performance – across the board
  • A more driven and profitable company

Employees that are engaged, live the company values, and are aligned to the vision, mission and strategy are more productive, motivated and demonstrate better outcomes than employees from organisations that don’t.

They WANT to implement your vision and make it a reality, because it is aligned to their own beliefs and motivations.  They can see where they fit in and how they can add value to that.

Employees of aligned organisations are also less likely to leave, and their high levels of integrity and enthusiasm are recognised and appreciated by the customers they work with. 

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