Executive & High-Performance Coaching

The Best Sportspeople In The World Have Coaches… Why Shouldn’t You?

Modern day leaders and business owners are faced with a myriad of complex and dynamic factors. Staying one-step ahead means continually learning, growing, and developing to meet the needs of business, and life. 

Increasing business performance and personal achievement through customised Executive Coaching and High-Performance Coaching is a natural step for anyone wanting to take their career, business, and sense of achievement to the next level.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching focuses on building leadership capability, accountability, and confidence, specifically in strategic execution, self awareness, and interpersonal effectiveness.  It is suited to senior professionals responsible for the achievement of strategic objectives, large teams, or those involved with Boards or industry groups.

Participants gain a greater understanding of their effectiveness, personality, leadership shadow, strengths, and development areas to optimise their working relationships, communicate more effectively, and achieve more effective outcomes in a work-based setting. 

Executive Coaching helps participants close the gap between their capabilities, and the achievement of their strategic objectives.


What is High Performance Coaching?

High Performance Coaching takes individual development to the next level by focussing on guiding, supporting, influencing, and inspiring high-achieving, high impact individuals to achieve the very best in life – and work.  As both are inextricably intertwined, High Performance Coaching takes participants on an holistic journey of personal and professional self discovery, and mastery. 

This style of Coaching is very goal-oriented.  Once targets are achieved, participants are challenged and pushed further, building bigger and bolder goals, creating an upward cycle of momentum and consistent, powerful results.

High Performance Coaching helps break through self-imposed ceilings, to strive for and achieve more than was thought possible.














You have responsibility for the performance of your business, and want to lead / execute more effectively
You want to increase your self-awareness, leverage feedback, and manage your leadership shadow better
You need to develop your confidence to make the right decisions – no matter what the circumstances
You want someone to mentor, guide – and most importantly – challenge you to reach your full potential
You are a high-achiever, but want someone to hold you to account to push past your boundaries
You would like to unlock the potential, lift engagement, and boost the performance of your team
You want to achieve your personal, leadership, and business goals – faster
Developing Authentic and Accountable Leaders

The Alchemy 2.0 Executive Coaching Program

Based on the principles of continuous transformation, the connection between culture and performance, the establishment of clear accountabilities, and a unique view of ‘What Success Looks Like’, leaders participate in a range of activities including:

  • Observational assessment of their impact, influence, communication and overall effectiveness as a leader
  • Self-assessments, leader reviews and/or 360 degree reviews mapped to an agreed set of standards
  • Online personality and leadership effectiveness profiling
  • 1-2-1 leader / manager reviews 
  • Establishing a unique Success Profile for their role

After establishing a baseline, we work with each participant to develop specific goals and metrics to help them close the gap.  Their development is supported by 1:1 coaching, workshops, and the application of effective models, tools, and practices to build greater self-awareness, leadership effectiveness, and strategic execution capabilities.

Participants are held accountable for developing and driving their own development, so this program is NOT suitable for those that want to be ‘told’ what to do.

Developing Visionary High Performers

The Alchemy 2.0 High Performance Coaching Program

Applying the principles of personal accountability and awareness, participants in the High Performance Coaching Program are challenged to assess all facets of their life and work.  If the concept of ‘that which we think about, we gravitate towards’ is true, participants can expect to see a significant shift in the way they see themselves, and perform.

Participants can expect to be involved in:

  • Work & life balance assessments
  • Online personality and leadership effectiveness profiling
  • Structured goal setting, review and evaluation
  • Accountability monitoring
  • Real-word projects to demonstrate the application of program concepts

Holding true to the concept that we are responsible for each situation we find ourselves in, participants are pushed to analyse the limitations they place on themselves, their sub-conscious programming, and to establish workable models to accelerate their development and achievement of their most important goals.  Identifying those practices (or excuses!) that no longer serve them also forms part of the program.  

Coaching, irrespective of the focus, creates a supportive environment to enable the layers of the onion to be peeled away… examined, and to decide if any part of it should be redeveloped.  It takes vulnerability, trust, and a fair degree of effort – but the results make every minute (and dollar) invested worthwhile.

To support our participants and their right to choose, all coaching programs are offered both online and in-person

Middle and 1st Level Leader coaching programs are also available.

“To Master Others, Is To Have Strength.

To Master Oneself, Is To Have True Power”

Lao Tzu
The Alchemy 2.0 Executive Coaching Program supports leaders to:
  • Enhance their communication and influencing skills
  • Build proactive relationships aligned to the achievement of strategic objectives
  • Establish clear responsibilities and accountabilities within their teams
  • Establish a deeper understanding of personality, culture and diversity
  • Build effective leadership, self-awareness, and strategic execution capabilities
  • Achieve more with less, communicate better, and align strategically as a group
  • Leverage established methodologies, tools and resources
The Alchemy 2.0 High Performance Coaching Program supports leaders to:
  • Examine each of the critical areas of work and life to ensure alignment & balance
  • Cast a light on biases, programming, and other behavioural adaptations that no longer serve them
  • Challenge their own assumptions, internal dialogue and limitations
  • Establish specific goals to achieve structured improvements in their capability and achievement
  • Grow their business by developing themselves and others
  • Reach goals they never thought were possible
  • Redefine the definition of success
All of Alchemy 2.0’s Coaching Programs are 100% hands-on.

Participants are required to demonstrate the direct application of their learning in the business environment.

They are expected to deliver improved strategies, communications, and outcomes in real-time, ensuring participants not only learn how to lead and manage better, but can convert their learnings into operational improvements, teaching others how to do the same, and delivering significant strategic benefits to their organisation.

We call this a ‘real-world’ application…

A must-have for any training provided to senior executives.

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