Group Coaching & Training

Group Coaching & Training

Group Coaching enables a team to function as more than simply the sum of its parts, by building team alignment, communication effectiveness, understanding of the various personalities in the room, and overall performance dynamics.


You are looking for an effective group coaching and training facilitator to deliver customised or existing programs for your team

Your Leadership Team is not aligned / working as one
You have a number of new starters that you need to get up to speed on your organisational and leadership requirements quickly
You have a number of relatively new leaders within your team and want to set them up for success
You want to build internal capability, communicate better, and align more strategically as a team


Leadership Team Coaching

The term ‘Leadership Team’ is often used as a buzz word among corporates. A group of high performing, and often highly competitive individuals put together and labelled as a team without necessarily having the skills or ability to deliver like one.

Within these teams everyone brings something unique in terms of their skill set, background, technical knowledge, or business accountabilities. Their success or otherwise however is not dictated by these features, but rather by their ability to work towards a common goal, think & communicate strategically, hold each other to account and to identify solutions (rather than problems) at the macro level.

To improve leadership effectiveness, we work with your senior leaders to:

  • Improve their understanding of their own personality, motivators, communication preferences and blind spots – and that of others in the team
  • Build their understanding of, and effectiveness in relation to constructive communication and negotiation techniques,
  • Create strategic alignment, which translates into the achievement of your strategic objectives in a structured and effective way, and
  • Encourage active self-awareness, development, and reflection

These principles are the key to the success of great teams, the ability to be candid and have the tough conversations that elevate businesses above one another in a competitive landscape, and the ability to ensure the job at hand gets delivered.

The Alchemy 2.0 Team Leadership Coaching Program delivers:

  • Team alignment, through a shared learning experiences and common language
  • Creating a deeper commitment and accountability the to the guiding principles of your business – including vision, mission and values
  • A team that engages effectively in constructive challenge, accountability and development conversations, enhancing their effectiveness as leaders
  • The space and encouragement for leaders to engage in personal and workplace reflection, providing insight into how to work and interact with one another
  • Effective alignment of stakeholders across all segments of business
  • A structured team meeting format designed to drive powerful decision making, beyond business-as-usual topics

This level of coaching is specifically designed for groups of executives, senior leaders, and managers to allow them to create a winning team rather than focusing on developing the individual.

Project Teams Coaching

Project teams can revolutionise the way a business works but managing these teams can be challenging. Each individual brings a distinct set of capabilities, perspectives and priorities, some which can be at odds with each other if not effectively directed.

Having worked on some of Australia’s largest projects to help redefine the way teams work, we have a distinct understanding of the level of stakeholder engagement, project management and team collaboration needed to deliver high quality work that meets contracted time, quality and cost requirements. Project work is unique in its nature, and requires highly effective teamwork, adaptability, and strong leadership to ensure a successful outcome.

The Alchemy 2.0 Project Teams Coaching Program is designed to assist teams facing challenges to transform themselves into a great team – rather than a team of great minds.

This program delivers:

  • Effective stakeholder management and engagement across all levels of business
  • Clearly defined team goals, purpose and guiding principles
  • Ability to navigate difficult issues without allowing them to derail the momentum of the team
  • United accountability across the entire team
  • Handling the difficult conversations to grow as a team and navigate new territories
  • Creating a culture of integrity, accountability, and high performance across the team


Coaching enables a team to function as more than simply the sum of its parts, by building team alignment, communication effectiveness and overall performance dynamics. 

While a common approach, businesses can no longer rely on leadership from only a few peak performers or senior members of the team.  They must empower team members at all levels of the business to achieve organisational objectives.

Benefits of group or team coaching include:

  • Improvements to team performance
  • The building of trust, accountability, and productivity
  • An increase in engagement and staff retention
  • Enhanced innovation

Group coaching works to improve performance through reflection, dialogue, accountability and collective action.

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