Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

The very best leaders are honest, authentic and accountable.

Leadership drives a company’s culture, for better or for worse.  The way people interact with each other, clients and suppliers is a direct result of the effectiveness of the leadership they experience.  A healthy and proactive company culture cultivated from the top down can set a business on a path for success, poor company culture can result in many difficulties being experienced at all levels of the organisation.

The Alchemy 2.0 executive coaching program focuses on accountability and authenticity to drive a positive company culture from the top down.
Working with executives as part of a team of individuals Di and her team create clearly identified goals and measures of success to drive the individuals through the programme with a clear and tangible outcome in mind. Working through exercises and activities the team creates laser point clarity on what is important for success and expands the individual’s level of self awareness to allow them to become a strong leader who has clear values that they deliver on everyday.


Di and the extended team at Alchemy 2.0 offer a range of short and full service training courses for senior executives looking to enhance their strategic execution and leadership capabilities.

These courses are available both online and in person to ensure they work in with your personal learning style.

To master others is to have strength…  To master oneself is to have true power”.  Lao Tzu

Developing Authentic and Accountable Leaders

The Alchemy 2.0 Executive Coaching Program is based on the principles of continuous transformation, the connection between culture and performance, and the establishment of clear accountabilities. 

Participants are taken on a journey of self-discovery that includes assessment of their impact, influence, communication and overall effectivess as a leader.  The use of self-assessments, leader reviews and/or 360 degree reviews mapped to an agreed set of standards results in a clear assessment of each participants competencies and priority development areas. 

After establishing this baseline we then work with each individual to develop specific goals and metrics to help them  address any gaps.   This development is supported via the introduction of models and practices to build greater self-awareness, focus, leadership effectiveness and strategic execution.


Introductory Meeting

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It is important for you to feel comfortable with your Executive Coach.  This meeting is an informal opportunity to get to know each other, ensure they are the right fit for you and that you feel happy to be your authentic self with them.  You will also discuss your needs, goals and aspirations to make sure the program is customised to support you fully.


Sponsor Alignment

In some organisations coaching is a private 1:1 matter, in others it is a team activity where a sponsor (usually a leader or manager) is also consulted to ensure  alignment between what you want to focus on, and what the business needs you to focus on.  While the sponsors input does not form the content of your coaching program it will form part of the discussion around what areas you would like to focus on, and why.


Setting You Up For Sucess

 In this session you and your Executive Coach will clarify the focus areas for your program based on previous discussions, suggestions from your sponsor and data from any assessments or courses you may have completed prior.  The resulting program should feel as if it has been designed to support you and your unique needs so feel free to speak up should you have any specific areas you would like to focus on.


Coaching Sessions

Your coaching sessions will identify and transform your performance constraints.  During the sessions any number of topics may be covered such as redefining your weaknesses as strengths or opportunities, moving past limiting habits and views, taking practical approaches to accountability and practicing them in real-life, developing effective communication and influencing skills, empowering your workforce, creating more time in your day or simply executing safely and strategically.  As you move through the program you will build on the tools and practices previously explored to leverage your effectiveness and level of success.


Practice Makes Perfect

The next phase is to embed your new found habits and skills into your daily work.  Consistency of practice, supported by your Executive Coach and/or Sponsor, is essential to establishing lasting change that benefits not only you but also others within your team and/or social circle.  A final ‘Success Map’ will be completed at the end of your program, with follow-up reviews at 3, 6 or 9 months (post completion) to support your ongoing development.


Evaluation of Results

Take stock of where you started and where you are now, what has been achieved, what performance improvements have been gained, improvements in productivity and effectiveness, sustained handling of work load and improved work life balance, greater capacity to lead and create great teams and engage internal and external stakeholders.

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